KC Check IN

Calling local business owners, freelancers, and employees to share their experiences
Dear members of the Kansas City community, we understand that during this time of practicing social distancing, many business owners, freelancers, and employees are suffering from lack of business. Each day restrictions continue to increase and events continue to be cancelled or postponed. In times like these, we can’t let creativity and hope die, which is why we are reaching out to hear your story. We want to know how this affects everyone and what new ideas people are finding to keep life moving forward. We hope that through sharing stories that we can find ways to help our community continue to grow. Please take a moment to share your story through our form below. These questions are just a guide to help you share, but feel free to break away from these questions and share what you want in any format. We have a file upload set up for you to submit any art, music, or video messages that you would like to share with the Forever Loyal KC community.
If you would like to submit a video submission, we are open to presenting your thoughts in all forms of input. Whether you would like to share images of the city during this time or a video blog sharing your thoughts! This is a time to share our experiences and support each other.